The Transcendent Trinity

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FPC Sermon June 11, 2017   for Trinity Sunday     Psalm 8 On this Trinity Sunday, we are called to celebrate this most complicated theological construct of the church. It’s a challenge because the Bible gives us relatively few clues.  Rarely are the persons of the Trinity even mentioned together, even in the New Testament where we… Read more »

God’s Vision for Us

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FPC Sermon June 4, 2017   Pentecost   Acts 2: 1-21 Wow!   It’s Pentecost, such an awesome day in the church.  Our birthday!!    It’s a party. Today is also graduation day for our seniors – that gives them other reasons to celebrate this weekend as well. Pentecost is a dramatic event dominated by the Holy Spirit. God… Read more »

Being One in Christ

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FPC Sermon May 28, 2017                                John 17: 1-11   In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus has just told his disciples that he will be going back to his Father and that they are going to be persecuted in his name. He has also told them, however, that the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth, who will be… Read more »

God’s Wisdom

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FPC Sermon May 21, 2017                              Ephesians 1: 15-23 Ephesus, a coastal city near present-day Izmir, Turkey, founded around the 10th century BC.  It reached the height of its power under the Roman Empire but not without considerable trauma.  Ephesus came under the rule of Mithridates, the king of Pontus in 88 BC.   Ephesians welcomed him… Read more »

Confronting the Truth

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FPC Sermon May 14, 2017                        John 14: 1-14 On this Mother’s Day, we are faced with a Gospel text which is actually a “goodbye speech” or, as Biblical commentators like to call it, a “farewell discourse.” We know these words well because we often read this text at funerals. Jesus wants us to know that… Read more »

Seeking the Ideal Life

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FPC Sermon May 7, 2017                     John 10: 1-10, Acts 10:34-43 We read in the Gospel according to John that Jesus said he came to give us “life, and have it to the full.” Or as the Revised Standard Version says, “to have life and have it abundantly.” In today’s world, it’s hard to say what… Read more »

The Messenger May 2017-July 2017

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  Thoughts & Inspiration  Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.  (Unknown) * *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * Spring and the warm summer season is… Read more »

Resurrection Love

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FPC Sermon April 16, 2017          Matthew 28: 1-10 On this wonderful Easter Day, when our youth led worship this morning – wasn’t it great? – we had breakfast together, and now we join together for another service to celebrate the amazing resurrection of our Lord. We’re not alone in this. Christians around the world –… Read more »

Setting the Example – Maundy Thursday Sermon

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April 13, 2017     Maundy Thursday This evening we remember Jesus’ last evening with his disciples. We celebrate the same Holy Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples, as recorded in the earliest source, Paul’s letter to the Corinthians 11: 23-26 and in the later three gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. It’s a simple meal.  … Read more »

Hopes and Expectations Matthew 21: 1-11

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FPC Sermon April 9, 2017 Imagine the excitement of that day long ago!   Jesus is approaching Jerusalem.  It’s the time of the most special celebration of the year:  Passover.   Passover – that day when God sent the plague over Egypt but saved the faithful from destruction.  It’s the foundation narrative of the Hebrew people –… Read more »