Jesus Wept

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FPC Sermon April 2, 2017      John 11: 1-45 These past days have brought many tales of grief around our country and around the world. Four people died in a fire at a run-down apartment building in Oakland, California on March 27.   Others died in bus crashes. Last Sunday, one person died and 15 others were… Read more »

Do We Blame the Victim?

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FPC Sermon March 26, 2017   Do We Blame the Victim?    John 9: 1-41 For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been focusing on scriptures from the Gospel according to John. John’s gospel is unique.  It doesn’t follow along the path of the other gospels. The accounts of Jesus’ life told by John tend to be… Read more »

Come to the Water!

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FPC Sermon March 19, 2017       John 4: 5-42 This past week, nearly 600 Presbyterians gathered in Kansas City for the national gathering of NEXT Church. NEXT church, as its mission statement notes, is “a network of leaders – church members, ruling elders, youth leaders, educators, pastors, seminarians and professors – across the Presbyterian Church (USA)… Read more »

Law vs. Faith?

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FPC Sermon March 12, 2017 Lots of people think of Lent as a time for giving things up. For some, it means eating different food.  For others, it means setting aside the luxuries of life, that is, if they have those luxuries to begin with.  I’ve received messages from friends, mostly fellow pastors, who say… Read more »

Making Choices

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FPC Sermon March 5, 2017       Matthew 4: 1-11 Here we are in the first week of Lent.  Thanks to everyone who braved the snowstorm to turn out at our Ash Wednesday service.   Our youth are at Spring Hill Camp this weekend, an amazing place with rock-band worship that inspires them and games that bring them… Read more »

A Dusty World – Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday Sermon March 1, 2017     A Dusty World   “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” These are the words we hear today as we receive the imposition of ashes. I faced a lot of dust during my recent trip to Tanzania. While working at the school, we set out… Read more »

Stressed Out?

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FPC Sermon February 26, 2017         Matthew 6: 24-34 Decisions, decisions. What shall we eat?  What shall we drink?   What shall we wear? These ancient questions posed by Jesus, by the way questions about which he thought we shouldn’t worry, sound so contemporary, don’t they? These days here in the U.S., those are the kinds of… Read more »

Upside Down

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FPC Sermon February 19, 2017 Today’s Gospel lesson comes from what we call the Sermon on the Mount. It’s an extensive presentation by Jesus of dos and don’ts that mostly contradict the current understandings of his day.   When Jesus opened with the words “You have heard it said,” his listeners would know immediately that Jesus… Read more »

Staying Strong in Christ

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FPC Sermon January 22, 2017      John 1: 29-42 As we consider today’s scriptures, we have to face the facts. These scriptures are not just ancient ramblings by various God-inspired individuals.  They are records of the yearnings of humanity seeking a savior. Today, we know, many people are still looking for a savior, someone with simple answers,… Read more »

Going on an Adventure

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FPC Sermon January 29, 2017 Next week, I’m heading off to Tanzania for about 10 days. You watched the video about the Red Sweater Project last Sunday.  It’s going to be an adventure. Last Sunday, we also heard about John’s account of Jesus’ calling his disciples. Today, we listened to the words of Matthew.  These… Read more »