A Dusty World – Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday Sermon March 1, 2017     A Dusty World   “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” These are the words we hear today as we receive the imposition of ashes. I faced a lot of dust during my recent trip to Tanzania. While working at the school, we set out… Read more »

Stressed Out?

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FPC Sermon February 26, 2017         Matthew 6: 24-34 Decisions, decisions. What shall we eat?  What shall we drink?   What shall we wear? These ancient questions posed by Jesus, by the way questions about which he thought we shouldn’t worry, sound so contemporary, don’t they? These days here in the U.S., those are the kinds of… Read more »

Upside Down

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FPC Sermon February 19, 2017 Today’s Gospel lesson comes from what we call the Sermon on the Mount. It’s an extensive presentation by Jesus of dos and don’ts that mostly contradict the current understandings of his day.   When Jesus opened with the words “You have heard it said,” his listeners would know immediately that Jesus… Read more »

Staying Strong in Christ

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FPC Sermon January 22, 2017      John 1: 29-42 As we consider today’s scriptures, we have to face the facts. These scriptures are not just ancient ramblings by various God-inspired individuals.  They are records of the yearnings of humanity seeking a savior. Today, we know, many people are still looking for a savior, someone with simple answers,… Read more »

Going on an Adventure

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FPC Sermon January 29, 2017 Next week, I’m heading off to Tanzania for about 10 days. You watched the video about the Red Sweater Project last Sunday.  It’s going to be an adventure. Last Sunday, we also heard about John’s account of Jesus’ calling his disciples. Today, we listened to the words of Matthew.  These… Read more »

Starstruck! Sermon for Epiphany

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FPC Sermon January 8, 2017      Matthew 2: 1-12 Stars!   Stars!   Get knocked out, and you’ll see stars, right! Or maybe it’s a signal. Why else does Matthew give this star so much attention? We can focus on so many aspects of this scripture.  At the outset is the star itself.  What kind of star was… Read more »

Remembering our Baptism

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FPC Sermon January 15, 2017   for the Baptism of the Lord Today, we’ve installed new elders and deacons. We’ve given them a charge and we’ve elicited promises from them.  We’ve also promised to support them, as they seek to live out their baptisms in service to our congregation. Since we celebrated Epiphany and not the… Read more »

Listening for the Good News

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FPC Sermon December 11, 2016                                            Matthew 11: 2-11 This morning we lit the candle for the third Sunday of Advent. This day of joy comes from the Catholic Church and is known as Gaudete Sunday.  Gaudete in Latin means “Rejoice.”  Gaudete is the first word of Philippians 4:4, which is on page 1830 in your… Read more »

Seeking Peace in our Relationships

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FPC Sermon December 4, 2016  Romans 15: 4-13 Our Christmas Season is well-underway. Here in the U.S., a stranger might have the impression that Christmas is all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, about buying and selling, about decorations and food.    As we learned in our Hanging of the Greens service last week, many of… Read more »