The Messenger November-January Newsletter

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 Thoughts & Inspiration By: Charles Swindoll The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than money, than failures, than successes, than circumstances, than what other people think or say, or do.  It is more important than… Read more »

Always Reforming for Reformation Sunday

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Here we are in 2016, focusing on a special event, the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Next year, we’ll celebrate its 500th anniversary. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther sent a letter to Albert of Brandenberg, Archbishop of the city of Mainz, present-day Germany. His letter disputed the selling of indulgences for the forgiveness of… Read more »

The All-Inclusive Kingdom Joel 2: 23-32

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The prophet Joel lived through hard times.   The prophecy of Joel starts with oracles of destruction.  It centers around plagues of locusts. You and I know that locusts are not just insects of Bible times. They still inflict untold destruction of crops around the world.  Mauritania, West Africa, where I lived in the late 1990s,… Read more »

Never Give Up! Luke 18: 1-8

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FPC Sermon October 16, 2016 Safe drinking water. A major issue of the 21st century.  We hear about the impact all over the world of unsafe drinking water.  The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a major player in trying to reverse this problem. The Synod of Living Waters created Living Waters for the World, a global ministry that… Read more »

A World of Peace and Plenty Luke 9: 10-17

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FPC Sermon October 2, 2016   World Communion Sunday A World of Peace and Plenty    Luke 9:10-17 We’re in that season when reaping the garden harvest is about over. We seem to be having more rain than sun.  The few tomatoes on my plants are still green.   Here in northern Michigan, we have an abundance of… Read more »

Crossing the Abyss Luke 16: 19-31

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The image of the man begging on the street is something you and I can see in any major city today.   The reasons for which people end up in that situation vary.  We saw it in Portland, Oregon just outside the convention center where the General Assembly was meeting.  The beggars were young men, perhaps… Read more »

An Old-Time Robin Hood?

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We all know something about Robin Hood.  At least, we’ve heard of him, right?  He was one of my childhood heroes. According to that great source WIKIPEDIA, Robin Hood  was a heroic outlaw in English folklore who, according to legend, was a highly- skilled archer and swordsman Traditionally depicted as being dressed in Lincoln green,  he is often portrayed as “robbing… Read more »

Getting Through the Deserts of our Lives

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Jeremiah 4: 11-12, 22-28 If you’re like me, September 11, 2001 started just like any other day.  I’d just started my year of classes at the National War College of the National Defense University at Ft. McNair in Washington, D.C.    The National War College is one of two military graduate schools that trains future leaders… Read more »

A New Relationship

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FPC Sermon September 4, 2016   A New Relationship   Philemon Labor Day weekend.   The end of summer.  The beginning of fall.  The time to start thinking about having to put away our swim suits, our boats, our golfing outfits, our outdoor toys, our picnic baskets. Except that we’re here in East Jordan, where we can swim… Read more »

Wow! We finally have a website!

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Hello everyone, Thanks to Grace Church Websites, we now have this new website, which we will be customizing in the coming days and weeks.  We hope this will enable us to expand our ministry, not just in East Jordan, but to our country and to the world. Join us on Sundays at 9:30 for worship… Read more »