Kenneth Visser, Treasurer


I was one of twelve children.  My parents lived through the Great Depression.  I think these experiences taught my parents the value of helping your neighbor. They were also persons of strong Faith.

When most of my siblings moved away to start their families, my parents opened up their home to foster children.  After all, they had the room.

They were always ready to help a neighbor or fellow church member with meals, transportation, visitation,  home repairs and financially.

My father was a man of many skills.  He had mechanical skills, carpentry skills, farming skills, etc.  I know of no hands on tasks that he shied away from.  He built the home that I grew up in.  He imparted those skills and the “I can do it” attitude to all of us, as well as the heart to help others.

I have been volunteering all my life, helping neighbors, teaching Sunday school, serving as a babysitter for nephews and nieces and helping older brothers build the homes they lived in.  I also built the home I currently live in.

My career was in Social Work.  Most of it was in administration, more specifically, child welfare.  I taught classes at the master’s degree level for Grand Valley State University and MSU.

Administrative skills gained in my employment and the heart for others that I acquired from my Family serve me very well as i seek to serve God as an Elder and as Treasurer.