Nancy Visser, Clerk of Session

I was raised as an only child. My parents adopted me as an infant. I was blessed to have parents who loved me very much.


They also cared for two of my cousins for several years during a time that their family was in turmoil..


My father was a accountant for the US post office, My mother was a school teacher. My Mother was a very patient person teaching me the value of hard work. She inspired me to play the piano, a skill that i have long since abandoned. I was involved for many years in tap dancing.


My mother was a person of strong faith and was practicing Christian Scientist, but she did not resist medical care for herself or for me.


I found much comfort in scripture reading during some of the more tumultuous times of my life. I am still a disciplined reader of scripture reading every day. I follow the lectionary.

I attended church sporadically with my mother. I become much more involved in Church after I met my husband Ken.


I have had an exciting career as an executive Secretary working in the Department of Social Services, now Health and Human Services. I was the primary wage earner in my first marriage. I have one son. He is married and has two daughters. I have step sons who have provided us with eight grand children.


I sought out my biological family after my adoptive parents were deceased. My adoptive mother was always supportive of me searching for my biological mother. She provided me with enough information to ease the search process once I decided to search. My bio mother died a few weeks after agreeing to meet with me. However I also discovered biological siblings. My next older sister are now very close. She has been a great source of information.


I served the Boyne City Presbyterian church as the clerk for over ten years. It seems that God was preparing me for service as clerk.